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Dr. Parsi, BASc, MSc, ND

Toronto naturopathic doctor

I work with patients in my private Naturopathic practice to support them with the diagnosis, education, and management of various health concerns such as sleep difficulties, thyroid disorders, fatigue, weight and metabolic issues, PMS, and digestive disturbances (e.g., IBS).


This is achieved through one-to-one appointments that include history taking, diagnosis, lab testing, coaching, nutrition, prescriptions, and supplements when necessary.


Patients who work with me feel heard and are better able to understand their symptoms and health trajectory. Patients are provided with immediate and long term solutions for their health concerns.

Clinical Training and Experience:

  • Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts & Sciences from McGill University in 2010

  • Graduated with a Master’s degree in Rehabilitation Sciences from McGill University in 2012

  • Graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine program in 2016

  • Naturopathic Doctor in private practice since 2017

Additional Courses/Certifications:

  • Barbell Medicine two-day Seminar

  • Starting Strength two-day Seminar

  • Certified Sports Nutritionist, CISSN

My Practice Approach:

I believe in using effective, practical, and safe solutions to address health concerns with minimal amount of intervention and adverse side effects. My goal is to provide quality medical care, which means getting to the root of the problem and aiming to preserve the patient's health and prevent disease. Each treatment plan is individually tailored and selected based on a combination of evidence-based medicine, traditional natural therapies, clinical experience, and patient preference. Treatment also consists of educating patients on making an informed decision and becoming independent in the management of their health.

Finding the Root Cause


Comprehensive case taking, physical exam, lab testing and expertise help understand your health picture and determine the potential source(s) of your health concerns.

Personalized Treatment Plan


A treatment plans is developed based on evidence, safety, and efficacy, while addressing your individuality.

Natural Therapies


Natural treatments selected based on research and experience. Therapies can include nutrition, botanical medicine, and physical therapies (e.g. acupuncture).

Preventive Approach


Implement lifestyle changes to increase lifespan and maintain optimal health for life.

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