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Naturopathic Services & Treatments

First Visit

Your first visit is approximately one hour in length and consists of a detailed intake of your health concerns, goals, and personal medical history. In addition, a physical exam is performed and laboratory testing may be ordered, if necessary. Treatment may be provided on the first visit, but a comprehensive individualized treatment plan is delivered on the second or third visit.

Prior to your first appointment please bring your completed intake form, a list of any supplements or medications you are taking, and the results of any relevant lab work or imaging studies (x-ray, MRI, ultrasound, etc.). Further laboratory assessments may be recommended to help determine the underlying cause of your concern.

Follow Up Visits

Follow up visit timing and frequency depends on your concern and the treatments recommended; specific recommendations for follow up visits will be discussed during your first visit.  Your first follow up visit will be 45 minutes in duration and may consist of in-visit treatment, review of any completed testing, and revision of your treatment plan based on the outcome of recommendations from your initial visit.

At the end of each visit, you will take home an individualized treatment plan which will include health goals, recommended treatments and direction for long term care.

Naturopathic Services & Treatments:

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